Adidas expects to continue selling its Primeknit shoe

As previously reported, last Aug. 28 the Nuremberg District Court granted a request by Nike to ban Adidas’ sale of its new Primeknit shoes through a preliminary injunction. Pointing out that the court had not had the opportunity to hear Adidas’ side of the story when it issued the injunction, Adidas says that the court ordered the injunction to be lifted a few days after the Three Stripes filed their case. According to Adidas, the same court made it clear during a hearing today that the granted injunction cannot be sustained. The company expects that the court will decide on Nov. 7 to set aside its initial decision and to rule in favor of Adidas. The German company says it has filed for cancellation of the patent on Nike’s Flyknit, with documents showing that the technology has been known since the 1940s.

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