Into the Mind: TNF sponsors visionary ski and mountaineering movie

TNF_into_the_mindThe North Face’s top skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering athletes take major roles in a spectacular new movie, Into the Mind directed by Dave Mossop and Eric Mosland and presented by Sherpas Cinema. Some of the finest athletes on the pay role of the outdoor brand are involved in the film, including Xavier de Le Rue, Tom Wallisch, DCP, Angel Collinson, Benji Farrow, Ian Mcintosh, Ingrid Backtrom, Renan Öztürk, Jimmy Chin, Conrad Anker and Kris Erikson. The film is packed with stunning action scenes and great landscapes and has its TNF-sponsored world premiere in Innsbruck, Austria, on Sept. 28. A trailer to the movie is out on YouTube now.

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