Gore-Tex introduces Surround technology to the hiking market

Gore-Tex is presenting its Surround technology to European key retailers and the press after it has already done so in North America and China.

The innovation has been on the market for a few years, but was used by makers of casual footwear only. Now it is the turn of hiking footwear manufacturers. Gore claims that Surround is the only technology available that provides breathability all around the foot, i.e. including the sole.

Potential of some 223 million hikers worldwide

Surround is set to hit the market in the 2015 spring summer collections of 25 brands around the world. Among the European shoemakers using the technology are Alfa, Bestard, Chiruca, Crispi, Dolomite, Hanwag, Härkila, La Sportiva, Mammut, Meindl, Salewa, Scarpa, Treksta, Viking and Zamberlan. Gore’s market research says that there are about 223 million hikers globally, of which the company sees a potential of some 15.5 million customers who could be reached with Surround technology. Surround is not aimed at mountaineers or extreme athletes, but rather the wider target group of light hikers. Currently, the technology features in the collections of 15 brands of casual and children’s footwear.


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