Spacetex: Schoeller prepares for Mars mission

Schoeller Textil is ready for blast-off, on a spaceship leaving from the International Space Station (ISS) in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, on May 28. For the Swiss manufacturer of high-tech garments, along with the Hohenstein Institute and other partners, this will be the first step in the “Spacetex” research program.  During the six-month space expedition, Schoeller wants to explore the interaction between body, clothing and climate in weightless conditions. The results will be used for the development of astronauts’ clothing, notably for the Mars mission scheduled for 2030.

In addition, Schoeller is also pursuing some more down-to-earth purposes: fibers and fabrics tested in space will also help develop of functional garments for use in extreme conditions down here on the Blue Planet.


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