Moncler boosts sales and profits in first half

monclerMoncler, the trendy Italian brand of luxury sportswear and fashion, has posted fantastic figures for the first half of 2014, the first six months after the company went public last December. Consolidated turnover grew by 19 percent in euros (22 percent in constant currencies) to €218.3 Million. Adjusted Earnings before interests, taxes and write-offs (Ebitda) were up from €36.0 million in last year’s first half to €46.4 million. Operating profit (Ebit) improved to €35.1 million compared with €27.2 million in the previous period. Net income rose to €18.1 million, up from €8.3 million. Net debts fell to €206.3 million from €244 million twelve months ago.

More international than ever

Moncler has become less dependent on the domestic Italian market where sales only increased 1 percent to €47.5 million, representing 21.8 percent of total sales. In the first half of 2013, the Italian share of Moncler’s turnover was still at 25.6 percent. Meanwhile, the rest of Europe plus the Middle East and Africa grew 16 percent to €82.6 million. In the Americas revenues soared by 19 percent (22 percent in constant currencies) to €21.5 million and in Asia and the rest of the world by 38 percent (48 percent) to €66.6 million.


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