ISPO BRANDNEW WINNER 2014: Shark Attack Mitigation System

The Shark Attack Mitigation System is a patented technology for watersports gear that reduces the risk of being attacked by sharks. At ISPO MUNICH 2014 the system was given the BRANDNEW AWARD in the “Sportswear” category.

SAMS was developed by the University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute and is based on scientific studies into the cognitive ability of sharks in certain light and water conditions. Certain color patterns and shapes disrupt a shark’s vision, making objects in those color patterns almost invisible.


This video explains how the SAMS works:


Use on wetsuits and surfboards

The Australian wetsuit manufacturer Radiator is one of the first brands to use this technology on surfing and diving wetsuits. The 3/2mm Shark Deterrent wetsuit is available for both women and men. Additionally, Radiator also offers Shark Deterrent stickers for the base of surfboards from 6 to 8 feet in length. The wetsuit is available for AUD 469, the sticker for AUD 88.



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