Alibaba prepares to write economic history

Alibaba’s initial public offering in New York later this week may become, in the end, the largest IPO in economic history. Previously, the Chinese response to Amazon and eBay, planned to offer its shares at between $60-66, but it is now probable – due to the high demand – that the initial price may reach $70. Even with the previous offer, Alibaba would have dwarfed the volume of Facebook’s IPO two years ago. With a price of $70 per share, Alibaba would reach a total volume of $22.4 billion, slightly more than largest public offering so far – the Agricultural Bank of China, which raised $22.1 billion in 2010.


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  1. this is too awesome, jacky ma is the legend.

    by yulisa from China – on 18. September 2014, 09:06

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