Activity Tracker: Fitbit Flex

Motivation for more activity – that’s the goal of the Activity Tracker Fitbit Flex. While the Fitbit Zip and Fitbit One both record steps, distances covered and burnt calories, the Fitbit Flex also collects data about daily activity minutes.

The tracker defines activity minutes as the amount of modestly intensive cardio minutes per day. Bright LED lights on the bracelet display the status of the current activity level with each light representing 20 percent of the personal goal. Once you have reached the personal goal the bracelet vibrates to encourage the user to be even more active. In addition to this sleep quality and sleep efficiency can be recorded with the Fitbit Flex.



In order to analyze the personal fitness data the tracker synchronizes itself with the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and the free Fitbit App. The online dashboard displays the different activities, and meals and completed training sessions can be entered. The personal stats can then be shared via Twitter and Facebook.


The Fitbit Flex fitness bracelet is water-resistant and available in many different colorways. Price: EUR 99.



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