Ispo Team Movember Aktion

Moustache alert in the ISPO team – A campaign to promote cancer screening for men

Why is the entire ISPO team growing moustaches all of a sudden? The answer is simple but important: The team got involved in the “Movember” campaign, which promotes cancer screening for men. 

Why a moustache? The moustaches have the purpose to encourage discussions about cancer screening and motivate others to get checked. Furthermore the participants of the campaign get encouraged to think about their own health. The campaign was launched by the charity organization “Movember Foundation”, which is working worldwide for the improvement of men’s health. For more information check the website:


The rules for the “Movember” campaign:

  • Stand up for long-ranging improvement in men’s health
  • Shave yourself on November 1st and grow a moustache for the next 30 days
  • No full beards, goatee beards or fake moustaches
  • Take advantage of your moustache and encourage discussion about men’s health and collect money for prostate and testicular cancer
  • Always behave like a true gentleman


ISPO including ISPO MUNICH has been actively taking part in health issues for many years as sports are the best preventative measure against widespread diseases and cancer, even during the treatment. For this reason the ISPO MUNICH team re-designed the health and fitness area in hall C1 two years ago.

The ISPO team also supports the “Movember” campaign to encourage the health discussion (with a focus on the health of men) throughout the entire year.

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