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ISPO AWARD Winner: JetForce Technology – Black Diamond and Pieps are raising the bar

It looks inconspicuous, like a regular backpack, but it is in fact a backpack with super powers. JetForce is a new, unique technology that has just won the ISPO AWARD 2014: It is the first avalanche airbag system to use jet-fan inflation. This means that you can release your airbag over and over again without having to refill your cylinders. How does it work?

By Sebastian Schulke 

The JetForce technology uses a fully rechargeable fan that inflates the 200liter airbag in an emergency within 3.5 seconds. The following three minutes the airbag is constantly filled with air so it doesn’t deflate if the material has been damaged during the avalanche. After three minutes the airbag automatically deflates to create an air pocket, increasing your chances of survival if completely buried under the snow.

The airbag can be deployed at least four times

…before the battery has to be re-charged and can quickly and easily be repacked – perfect for practicing at home. As the airbag doesn’t use compressed air cylinders you can also easily travel with the JetForce. Additionally, automatic self-diagnosis LEDs perform a full system check on every startup. The airbag’s material, designed by Black Diamond, comes from the automobile industry and is tear-proof and very robust.

With this technology JetForce sets new safety standards. Pieps’ CEO Markus Eck says:

“Parallel to our invention of the first electronic avalanche airbag new standards for avalanche airbags have been set. Now avalanche airbags have to be certified as personal safety equipment which makes extremely high demands on the electronics.”

The JetForce technology is the result of a long lasting partnership between Black Diamond and Pieps, two innovative companies in the area of avalanche safety.

The avalanche airbag not only provides more safety but is also very functional. There is a dedicated avalanche tools pocket for shovel and probe, an internal accessory pocket, a single ice-axe attachment and a tuck-away diagonal ski carrying system. Thanks to this innovative avalanche airbag you will be well prepared for any future trips to the backcountry.

Price: starting at EUR 849

Video: This is how the JetForce technology works


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