Habit picks Bergans as Sports Brand of the Year

habit_IMG_2546For the first time, Habit, Scandinavia’s leading magazine for apparel, clothing and accessories, has issued a prize for the new category, “Sports Brand of the Year”. At the award ceremony, ISPO acted as presenting partner and announced the award-winning brand, Bergans of Norway, which was chosen from three nominated brands. The others were Hestra and Haglöfs. The expert panel, which selected the winner and nominees, is made up of leading Swedish sporting goods retailers.

As ISPO is widely recognized in Scandinavia, we are happy to support and cooperate with initiatives to award and tribute successful achievements and brands in sports fashion.”

Markus Hefter, exhibition group director, ISPO

Habit has organized the Swedish Fashion Awards since 2008 to celebrate the best retailers, brands, designers and other related market players in the region. The new category was introduced to emphasize the importance of outerwear and sportswear for fashion and design in general. The complete list of award winners can be seen here.

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