Madshus empower composition

Madshus Empower: RFID chip with app improves performance of cross-country skis and athletes

For more than 100 years Madshus has stood for a love for detail. The Norwegian brand’s ambition to produce the best ski with the best materials remains true to this day.

This winter Madshus launches the first “Smart XC Ski” with an integrated RFID chip. With the help of this chip retailers are able to find the best ski for their customer in no time by considering weight, size and cross-country experience. Furthermore the cross-country athlete can access important information, like individual waxing tips or weather and snow conditions, via an app. For the new and innovative Madshus “Empower Technology” the cross-country specialist was given the ISPO AWARD 2014 in gold.

The heyday of ski technology and electronics 

Cross-country athletes are always concerned with two essential questions: Which ski is the best for me? And what kind of wax shall I use today? With the Empower Technology Madshus not only offers a ski but also an answer. Since 2006, Madshus has been studying their skis with a Compuflex machine, which measures the exact bending line of a ski, its DNA, and applies it to the weight of the skier. This data forms the base of the “Empower Technology”. The RFID chip is being “wedded” with the data of the bending line, implemented into the ski and then put onto the Madshus server. “It was a long and challenging way to develop Empower”, says Per Wiik, Madshus’ Marketing Manager. “That’s why we are very proud of the outcome as it is a milestone for cross-country skiing.”

Madshus empower composition

The benefits for athletes and retailers

Using a customized tabloid PC with a specific reading device, the Madshus Empower Retailer Device, the retailer can read the chip of any Madshus ski in his warehouse via NFC (Near Field Communication). In doing so the device is downloading the data (bending line) of any ski from the Madshus server. If the retailer enters the biometric data (size, weight) and the cross-country experience of the customer, the system will identify the best ski available in stock for them.

Madshus empower composition

Together with the new Madshus Empower app the Norwegian company offers athletes a useful tool for the preparation of skis. Smartphones can import the chip via NFC and then download the data for the respective ski from the Madshus server. The benefits are better performance, more motivation and fun.


UVP Madshus REDLINE Ski: 549,95 Euro



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