Danny MacAskill The Ridge

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2015

Since 1976, all well-known filmmakers, adventurers and alpinists have been meeting in Banff, Canada to watch, discuss and honor films at the multi-day Banff Festival. Now, the best documentations are going on a great world tour, also coming to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands in March 2015.

With the premiere on 20.2. in Munich this year’s tour launches its journey through Germany – with 7 narrative and visually stunning adventure and nature films in the baggage, including the Eco-Documentary DAMNATION who openly denounced the destruction of nature and canyons for profit-making dams or THE RIDGE by and with the bike artist Danny MacAskill, who conquers mountain trails by bike that others do not dare to walk.

Additional films of the Banff Tour include:

14c – Climbing with Kai Lightner

The Stone Masters – Climbing Yosemite Valley in the seventies

Sculpted in Time: The Wise Man – Portrait, Eddie Hunter is probably the oldest skier you will find in Banff National Park

Touch – Paragliding with Jean-Baptiste Chandelier

Vasu Sojitra – Out on a Limb – Skiing with disability


All information on tickets, dates and films can be found at: www.banff-tour.de


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