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BLUE Surf Movie Night: Brazil Special

Together with Cleptomanicx and Nouvague events, Blue Magazine invites all surfing enthusiasts in Switzerland, Germany and Denmark to a Brazilian surf movie night. Get ready for a stunning double feature about the crazy surf culture of Brazil and the natural beauty of the country.

The Films:

70 e Tal (BRA, 2014) 70 min. R: Rafael Mellin

A revival of the surfing and beach culture in Brazil during the 1970’s, as seen from the perspective of the present generation.The film shows a mixture of unseen film and photo archives, present-time action by brazils best surfers, riding single fins and fishes and exclusive stories from the main characters of the 70’s, giving a close look at the way of life of the generation that dropped out of the system during the Brazilian military dictatorship and founded the beach and surfing lifestyle in Brazil.

A stylish ode to the surfing, music and the counter-culture of a romantic period – the 70ies!


Locais de Noronha (BRA, 2014) 30 min. R: Lorena Montegro (Deutschlandpremiere)

A portrait of the local surf community on the island Fernando do Noronha – known as the Brazilian Hawaii. Fernando de Noronha is Brazil’s most beautiful destination, and it features waves up to ten meters, big and tubular. The archipelago is also protected by UNESCO, as a World Heritage. The local surfers have a special connection with the ocean: They are fishermen, divers and big wave riders – from the pioneers to the youngest generation.

A brilliant portrait of the weird characters and breathtaking nature on one of the worlds most pristine islands!




Genf: 10.3. / 21 Uhr / Les Scalas

Bern: 10.3. / 20.30 Uhr / Bubenberg

Zürich: 11.3. / 21 Uhr / Riffraff

Luzern: 12.3. / 20.45 Uhr / Bourbaki



Kiel 12.3. / 20.30 Uhr / Studio Kino

Flensburg: 18.3. / 21 Uhr / Volxbad

Köln 23.3. / 21 Uhr / Cinenova

Freiburg: 23.3. / 21 Uhr / Harmonie

Hamburg: 27.3. /  22.30 Uhr / Zeise

Berlin: 30.3. / 21 Uhr / Central Kino

München: 8.4. / 21 Uhr / Rio Filmpalast



Kopenhagen: 28.4. / 21.30 Uhr / Grand Teatret

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