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Vans’ shop riot goes into the next round

Vans_Shop_riot_Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.58.49[2]This year’s Vans European Shop Riot will soon go into its next round to find the best skateboarders among the Old World’s store sales staff. The tour will begin in the U.K. at St. Albans’ Pioneer Skatepark from April 25-26. For competing teams, there is £3,000 (€4,074) up for grabs as well as a ticket to the finals for the winners.

On the same April 26, the first showdown takes place in Belgium, at Aalst’s Flesh & Bones Skatepark, where the home team missed out on the European finals against dominant crews from the Netherlands and the U.K. (Burnside and Skate Pharmacy, respectively).

In 2015, Vans is celebrating companionship among its sales staff across Europe through the Shop Riot. It’s designed to select the best skaters and teams from the sales front – for the seventh time in a row. Altogether, some 15 shops across the continent will compete. Watch the film of last year’s finals here.

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