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Innosnack: Easy to digest bars with long-lasting energy

Most energy bars raise blood sugar levels fast so the user feels energized instantaneously. But once the sugar rush is over and the body has produced too much insulin performance levels drop below what they were and the athlete again becomes hungry.

As a passionate trekker Marco Steinhilber was faced with the problem of finding an ideal energy supply. So the food technology engineer took matters in his own hands, founded the label “Innosnack” and introduced snacks of a completely new composition. The innovative concept for his new energy bar, Innobar, won him the ISPO AWARD 2015.

“The idea popped into my mind during a long ascent when I became hungry and the energy supply and performance level of my body dropped. There was no product that could instantly supply my body with new energy without resulting in another loss of power afterwards”, says Innosnack founder Marco Steinhilber.

The nutrient-rich and crusty energy bar is unique in its composition.

INNOBAR is based on a new sort of sugar that produces isomaltulose, extracted from fermented sugar beets. Isomaltulose is also called “next generation sugar” as it creates a balanced blood sugar level, is diabetic-friendly and doesn’t harm teeth.

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Steinhilber swears by a short list of ingredients without added flavoring, wetting agents and preservatives: Seeds and nuts from biological agriculture contain important minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium. At the same time the majority of unsaturated fatty acids, including healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, provides essential nutrients that the body needs as “construction material”. This leads to improved physical and mental performance. As well as energy bars Innosnack also produces energy drinks, sweets and cereals, all with common qualities: All products are vegan, gluten and dairy-free and provide long lasting energy thanks to controlled energy release.


  • Isomalutlose: Glycemic index 32; 379 kcal/100 g
  • Snacks: Innobar, Innoballs
  • Innodrink: Lemon
  • Cereal: Quinoa Flakes; Chocolate-Almond



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