Epson Runsense

Epson’s Runsense SF-810 makes chest belts a thing of the past

Runsense SF-810 Epson combines a GPS sports watch with a heart rate monitor and includes in-house sensor technology. Combining these functions in one compact device brings many benefits and helps optimize training sessions.

The optical sensor on the bottom of this multi-function watch measures a runner’s heart rate at the wrist, making the use of chest belts redundant. The Runsense SF-810 is very energy-efficient and allows for 20 hours of active GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring.

Epson Runsense

If you loose GPS signal, for example while running through a tunnel, the Runsense SF-810’s Smart Stride Sensor replaces the missing data and provides an exact recording of speed and distance. The sensor also measures the stride length and frequency while also recording data about running technique.

Thanks to a specific indoor modus the Runsense SF-810 can also be used in closed rooms.

Up to 35 different results, like time, distance, speed, rounds taken, training intervals and burnt calories, can be accessed. Furthermore it is possible to estimate the expected final time or lap length using current times and distances. With the Tap Function the user can easily change displays or switch on the light.

Epson Runsense


In Epson’s Runsense View portal training sessions and data can be saved, analyzed, compared and illustrated with the help of statistics. At the same time the free Run Connect App allows the upload of the data or the individual setting of functions.


  • Integrated heart rate monitoring without chest belt
  • Smart Stride Sensor measures stride length and frequency, improves the running technique and constantly records the distance, even without GPS signal
  • Up to 20hours battery life with activated GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring
  • Individually set displays, four screens with up to three measurements
  • Vibrating alarm
  • Waterproof up to 5 bar
  • Records up to 400 laps information
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connection
  • Price: EUR 349.99

For more information visit the epson website.

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