COATS SIGNAL REFLECTIVE THREADReflective elements continue to be an integral element of the sportswear market with trims, tapes and transfers featuring as a protective function as well as a decorative detail.

Growing ranges on the market include Coats Signal reflective sewing thread for activewear. A high tech reflective sewing and embroidery thread, it not only delivers the reflective function but also can create extra special decorative features.

Recommended for use in decorative non-construction lockstitch seams and top cover of flat seams. Key features include retro-reflective qualities and minimal loss of reflectivity in a domestic wash cycle.

Coats Signal also features in elastic sew-on tape in single and double-sided tapes. Made from high performance glass beads laminated onto 85% polyester/15%spandex fabric backing. An elastic transfer film laminated to a durable polymer layer with a heat reactive adhesive on the technical side, suitable for high visibility also features alongside a retro-reflective piping consisting of a reflective tape, inner cord and lining. For further information contact

Reflective elements aren’t just confined to threads and trims, wearable LED technology is becoming an new alternative. Sentrix Technology has developed the i-lume product range that uses only technical high brightness LEDs, engineered in wearable design formats to allow the lighting module to be removed or permanently integrated in the garment or accessory. Removable i-lume LEDs can be switch or tap activated for flashing or continuous illuminated mode. The i-lume is one of the most new and innovative products that delivers high level protection as well as a new approach in integrating detail into garments. For further information contact

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