Hoka One One Running Shoe in Action

Running shoe trends: Watch out for these lightweight running heavy weights!

After minimalist concepts like flat, barfoot or toe running shoes deeper soles are again back in the stores. With its XXL midsole HOKA ONE ONE’S Clifton is setting a new trend in running shoes.

The shoe’s construction is said to offer the runner outstanding cushioning and a dynamic and stable run thanks to its active footbed geometry. This is made possible by a new midsole construction, with 2.5 times higher volume and a less dense CMEVA foam than traditional running shoes.

Hoka One One Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE was developed by French ultra runners in 2010.

Thanks to the minimal heel-toe-offset and rocker construction (camber in the running direction) these running shoes provide smooth flow. The results are better performance, more fun and less injuries. Despite their XXL look HOKAs are incredible light and very robust.

Hoka One One Running Shoe

Models like the Clifton are also said to be true speed machines. The aforementioned rocker profile, with its curved outsole radius and a heel-toe-offset of 2 to 6mm (depending on the model), helps in the smooth rolling off the foot – from touching the ground with the heel to pushing off with the toes.

How the cushioning works

The oversized cushioning is made of a low-density CMEVA material that has been specifically designed for competitive sports. The midsole construction, with its greater volume, helps the foot to sink into the active footbed instead of sitting on the midsole, offering a high degree of protection for the foot. The results are outstanding cushioning, a natural and stable run, less fatigue and an incredible light feeling. For the running sole material HOKE ONE ONE uses R-MAT, a mix of specific CMEVA with rubber – R-MAT guarantees more rebound, a longer life span and great grip even on wet ground.

Hoka One One Running Shoe


  • Hell-Toe-Offset: 5mm
  • Heel height: 29mm
  • Ball of foot height: 24mm
  • Weight: 217 g (EU 42,5)
  • Price: EUR 120


Hoka One One website

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