Rip Curl GPS Watch

Activity tracking for surfers with the Rip Curl SearchGPS Watch

Runners, mountain bikers and fitness athletes are already using activity trackers to document their performance. Now surfers are given their own tool: Rip Curl’s SearchGPS Watch is the perfect summer gadget for wave riding tech lovers.

The Rip Curl watch features a GPS function that records all movements during a surf session: maximum speed while riding a wave, length of the ridden wave in meters, length of the ridden wave in seconds and distance paddled.

The watch also displays the tide calendars of 1360 surf spots. This enables the surfer to paddle into the lineup just in time and get the best out of a session.

Rip Curl GPS Watch App

The recorded data can be accessed and compared during the surf session. With the help of the iPhone app and „The Search“ Web-Plattform your own data can be uploaded into the cloud and compared with those of friends and pro surfers.

The high-tech surf watch is available for EUR 349 in surf and sports retail shops.

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