Tomahawk IC7 Indoor Cycle: Efficient training with high motivation

Within the classic fitness industry only a few manufacturers know how to make power-based training efficient and motivating at the same time. The Tomahawk IC7 Indoor Cycle is one of these exceptions.

It is the first indoor power bike that uses color zone technology for ideal training control. In order to illustrate the individual intensity numbers are supplemented by different colors. During interval training the color spectrum moves from blue to red while aerobic conditioning (basic training) is limited to the yellow zone. So the individual training load can be controlled in an easy and comprehensible way.


The athlete learns to interpret the numbers behind the colors and can use the knowledge for more effective training. Thanks to the Coach By Color software anyone can get involved in power-based training. For its innovative IC7 Indoor Cycle Tomahawk was given the ISPO AWARD Product of the Year. 2015

Maintenance free

The Tomahawk IC7 Indoor Cycle’s drive is based on a maintenance free combination of a tooth and a V-ribbed belt. The WattRate® sensor technology measures performance with a tolerance of +/-1% which is groundbreaking in indoor cycles. The design enables a 1:11 gear ratio that turns the aluminum flywheel at very high speeds. This is essential for an accurate and authentic-feeling magnetic resistance system. The self-powered generator creates the energy for the bike computer that features a colored LCD main display and a colored LED front display. After entering the personal user data the patented Coach By Color® training console displays the user’s WattRate or heart rate. Athlete and coach therefore benefit from an individual and effective control of training and its intensity, no matter if it’s group or individual training.


  • Accurate measuring with +/-1% tolerance
  • Displayed training data: WattRate, heart rate, speed, cadence, training length, resistance level, distance and many more
  • 300-degree resistance dial featuring 100 levels with tactile feedback
  • Magnetic brakes system (minimal maintenance)
  • Wear-free belt drive (combination of tooth and V-ribbed belt)
  • Gear ratio of 1:11
  • Integrated generator with LiPo battery
  • ANT+ technology for heart rate monitoring


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