Selfie camera: The Lily Camera offers new perspectives

This flying action camera, developed in California, is causing a stir on gadget platforms around the world. The Lily Camera will be available for customers in February 2016.

The idea of developers Antoine Balaresque and Henry Bradlow is as simple as it is innovative. Up until now people had to use controlled drones in action sports in order to produce aerial photography, but now the Lily Camera full-automatic flying camera follows the user with the help of a GPS tracker.


Different recording modes provide different camera perspectives: Lily can either be flying in front or behind the athlete or circle them. Thanks to the accelerometer in the GPS chip the camera adapts its flight altitude to the user’s which is especially important for jumps in snowboarding, freeskiing or biking.

The drone can fly for up to 20 minutes. As both the camera and battery are built into the waterproof housing the power source can’t be changed, so Lily has to be charged after each flight. The camera delivers videos in HD quality taking 60 images per second and 120 images per second in 720p in the slow motion mode, while single images are saved at 12 megapixel.

The first throw-and-shoot camera

In order to start the drone flight the user simply throws the camera into the air where it stabilizes itself after a few seconds. After the flight Lily lands in the hand of the user. Controlling the camera is very easy and done through a GPS tracker that can be worn around the wrist or stowed in a pocket or backpack. An integrated mic records the sound synchronizing it with the images.


A little warning: As Lily can’t identify obstructions in the air, like trees, lift poles or power lines, users should choose an open terrain without any obstacles for their selfie films.

The Lily camera will be available from February 2016 for US$ 1,000 but can already be pre-ordered on the Website for US$ 499.



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Lily Camera Website



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