X-BIONIC invites runners for product testing!

X-BIONIC, the Swiss brand for functional garments, is launching the project “Turn Sweat Into Energy” on the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION platform. Athletes that want to test the EFFEKTOR running set can apply now.

The EFFEKTOR running set represents a new dimension of high technological running wear. X-BIONIC’s Partial Kompression makes sports better through compression without neglecting coolness. Sweat on the chest and back actively assists cooling and prevents the feeling of wetness and heat build-up during exercise.

The surface structure of the running wear delivers great cooling for the skin, blood is able to circulate better and sweat will vaporize. In this way the body is saving energy and the athlete has more power.

x-bionic running-set men

Running Set Men

If you want to try the performance-enhancing effects of X-BIONIC’s running wear you can apply to product test the EFFEKTOR running set before August 12. The set consists of a shirt, shorts and socks and will be given to selected testers at an exclusive price of EUR 65 (RRP: EUR 254).

x-bionic running-set women

Running Set Women


All information about the “Turn Sweat Into Energy” project by X-BIONIC can be found on the ISPO OPEN INNOVATION website.


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