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More performance thanks to IdeniXx’s smart cooling

Summer’s on and so are sports outdoors. But heat can limit performance and put an athlete’s health at risk and even at lower temperatures a body’s heat regulation can affect performance in a negative way.

Natural cooling

While exercising you perspire: The heart is pumping blood through the body and transferring heat to the skin. Here, the heat turns into sweat, cooling the body through evaporation. However, the body systems vary from person to person: While some sweat, others don’t and while some already feel hot, others are only getting started. One thing is for sure and that’s everyone needs cooling down as it offers a natural power reserve – not only when exercising at 30 degrees but also from the first drop of sweat.

IdeniXx products mimic the cooling performance of the human body using high-tech fleece, which binds in a fraction of its own weight in water.


Idenixx cooling products technology

Water escapes through evaporation, so creating evaporation chill which cools down the body. Depending on the temperature IdeniXx cools down more or less thanks to the physical principle of evaporation chill and in so doing the athlete is always cool.

IdeniXx’s product line ranges from cooling running hats to arm sleeves and vests.

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  1. I have sports business, can you furnish details of the said product.

    by sohail Ahmed – on 29. October 2015, 08:18
    • Hi Sohail Ahmend,
      For more information about the products please get in touch with the guys at IdeniXx directly via the website:

      by Andi Spies – on 29. October 2015, 09:38

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