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Smart Sportswear Antelope: Electric muscle stimulation has never been easier!

Top athletes like sprinter Usain Bolt are already using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to train their muscles and speed up regeneration. Now this time-saving and highly effective full body training, which comes from the field of physical therapy, is becoming more popular in competitive sports and the lifestyle sector.

The positive effects of EMS have long been proven but training in bulky vests connected with a myriad of electric cables is not really fun. Now WEARABLE LIFE SCIENCE (WLS) has reached out to change this: The German start-up company not only aims to support sports enthusiasts but also the sedentary lifestyles of modern society.

Antelope all sports


With the ANTELOPE WLS they managed to integrate textile electrodes into premium compression garments for the first time.

The revolutionary Active Smart Sportswear doesn’t record or analyzes data but instead actively supports the athletes during their training. The comfortable high-tech suit channels electricity through the textile fibers and works independently from the power supply using a small battery as power source.

Antelope Training

Thanks to the freedom of movement the ANTELOPE provides it can be used for any sort of training, in any kind of sports and helps achieve greater performance within a shorter time frame.

The transmission of the electrical stimuli is carried out by the ANTELOPE BOOSTER with the help of 2-channel and 8-channel electronics that is worn on the body and fixed on the garment via FitLock. The training is run through a smartphone app that will also be able to measure heart rate and pace through integrated sensors. For example, when cycling up-hill the app will automatically reduce the electric power outlet, while increasing it when riding downhill.


The main target group for the product are triathletes who don’t have enough time to train all the necessary muscles:

With the ANTELOPE they can train their swimming muscles while cycling as the electricity flows through the entire suit and is therefore better dispersed. This guarantees a much more effective outcome than when using straps on the upper arms and legs as in most gyms.


ANTELOPE has already won numerous awards, amongst others the ISPO BRANDNEW AWARD 2015. Prices for the smart sportswear range between EUR 90 for smaller garments like the Calf Guards, EUR 130 for TankTop and Dream Pants, and EUR 400 for an entire ANTELOPE suit (ten times less than a traditional EMS device). The BOOSTER costs EUR 200 (2-channel) or EUR 900 (8-channel).

In September Wearable Life Science will launch a campaign on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and customers will have the chance to reserve their favorite ANTELOPE products.


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