Klaus Dittrich bei der Mammut Alpine Academy Saas Fee

Get fit for your climb to the Mont Blanc with professional preparation

Any athlete that wants to climb the highest mountain in the Alps should prepare themselves under professional guidance for the great height and effort. Like Klaus Dittrich who took time to adapt his body to the high alpine tour of Mont Blanc.

On September 4, Rolf Schmid, CEO of the Mammut Sports Group, and Klaus Dittrich, President of the Management Board of the Messe München, got themselves ready to climb the 4,810 meters high Mont Blanc. Even though bad weather conditions upset their summit attempt the “one shot” climb of 2,500 altitude meters would have never been possible on one day only without intensive preparation.

The following video shows how Klaus Dittrich prepared himself for this alpine challenge:

Impressions from the preparation tours with the Mammut Alpine School in Saas-Fee where the participants climbed the Weissmies (4,072m) and the Nadelhorn (4,327m) can be viewed in the image gallery (all images by Peter Schoch):


Klaus Dittrich and Rolf Schmid: Climbing the highest peak in the Alps


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