Adidas confirms leadership in the Indian market

Adidas surpassed its competitors Puma and Nike in the Indian market in 2014. Excluding Reebok, the Three Stripes reached total sales of 805 Indian rupees crore (€109.6 million) in the period between April 2014 and March 2015. Sales were up from INR 737 crore (€100.0 million) in the previous period.

Its major rival Puma reached, in 2014 (calendar year), a turnover of INR 766 crore (€104.3 million). The Times of India does not report Nike’s numbers of  for the last year, but said that the Swoosh company made INR 624 crore (€85 million in 2013-14). In the same period, Reebok’s sales were INR 330 crore (€45.3 million).

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