U.S. authorities to blacklist Taobao for trade in fakes

taobao_library_logos_taobao_largeThe U.S. government is considering putting Taobao, the big e-commerce platform operated by China’s Alibaba group, on its list of “Notorious Markets” for its continued offering of products which are in conflict with intellectual property rights. This comes after the American Apparel and Footwear Association issued a complaint against Taobao for not removing fake products from its assortment.

The association’s move is not the first legal step against Alibaba in the West this year. The French group Kering, parent company to brands such as Gucci, Saint-Laurent, Puma and Volcom, also took legal action against the Chinese e-commerce giant. Back in 2011, Alibaba was already blacklisted for not doing enough to block unlawful products on its websites, but was removed from the list the following year.


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