Swim like a fish with Sailfish’s Speedsuit

Triathletes that compete in long distance races consider the 3.8km swim as the biggest challenge; especially in warm water when they have to swim without a wetsuit that provides floatation.

In order to keep water drag low and improve the body’s position in the water Sailfish has developed an innovative speedsuit for non-wetsuit races. The new Sailfish Rebel is made from 100% fabric and is one of the fastest, legal aids.

The body-zone orientated panel cut guarantees optimum fit and the lined inverse back zipper ensures super-fast and comfortable changeovers. Flatlock seams offer great comfort and eliminate friction and pressure points.

Low weight, low fraction

Featuring a special surface treatment the Rebel’s water absorption coefficient is considerably reduced producing an extremely low weight. This, in combination with an additional Teflon coating helps to reduce frictional resistance of the fabric in the water, giving the Rebel its superb gliding properties.

Be faster – even without a wetsuit

Speedsuits are a must for any ambitious triathlete and open water swimmer looking for personal best swim times in non-wetsuits races. I tested the Sailfish Rebel during my preparation for the Ironman Vichy 2015 and I was surprised by the almost identical gliding properties and swim times compared to wearing a wetsuit. In order to work the swimsuit has to fit like a second skin so water cannot enter. Therefore the new Sailfish Rebel, available for 249 Euro at retail shops, has a rather small fit.

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Sailfish website

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