Freeride Filmfestival Tour 2015

Freeride Filmfestival Tour 2015: One tour bus, six cities and a host of top athletes live on stage

In November the Freeride Filmfestival will cross Austria, Germany and Poland with a tour bus full of athletes. At the six planned stops the best freeriders in the world will be live on stage to present their movies and create an authentic film festival vibe!

The program of the festival promises to be an entertaining and interesting mix of different ski and snowboard expeditions. The movies will take the audience to the most exotic places only visited by a few freeriders: including the island of Onekotan on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the mountains of Albany, Iceland and Hawaii or to the rough coast of Norway.

The program of the Freeride Filmfestival 2015

Onekotan – The Lost Island, M-Line / Mischfabrik, 30 min.

Way North, Aline Bock / Lena Stoffel, 9 min.

Die letzte Grenze – Sidustu Jadar, Florian Albert, 12 min.

When the mountains were wild, Whiteroom Productions, 13 min.

Ravens and Eagles, Martin „McFly“ Winkler, 12 min.

Shades of Winter, Festival Release 2015, Sandra Lahnsteiner, 8 min.

Salam Azizam, Arnaud Cottet and many more, 10 min.


Innsbruck 7.11.

München 8.11.

Krakau 9.11.

Warschau 10.11.

Berlin 11.11.

Wien 12.11


More information and tickets

Film reviews, trailers and much more information is available at the (Link:

Online tickets for the tour stops are available at

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