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Fall/winter 15-16: latest snow sports trends

ISPO MUNICH 2015_jf_1877_webEffective immediately, winter sports enthusiasts will find the latest products in the stores. Our ski and snowboard trends overview and a selection of our current ISPO AWARD 2015/2016 winners represent what trends and products will shine on and beyond the slopes.

Trends ski hardgoods

Alpine innovations revolve around fine-tuning and customizing skis, bindings and boots, in particular. The latest developments  maximize enjoyment as well as ensuring safety and minimizing effort. Technical advances in the ski industry are not just limited to the premium segment; manufacturers are also producing sets for mid- and lower price segments that promise great satisfaction and enjoyment. Almost all innovations are based on reduced material and construction weight, yet with no compromises in terms of ski performance – rather, they benefit from it.

A number of manufacturers have fully embraced rocker technology. There will be more models for skiers who don’t just ski groomed slopes but also love powder, preferably using the same ski. Lighter, more stable and sportier – these are the main characteristics of the new all-rounders. And at the same time, they also provide maximum freedom in terms of handling all types of terrain and snow conditions.

Trends ski fashion

Next season’s ski apparel most likely has much more to offer than simply making you look good on the slopes. The new outfits feature a wide variety of features and styles, providing benefits that can also be transferred to other sports. An increasing number of manufacturers are modifying their technical jackets and pants, as well as softshell jackets, fleece, turtlenecks and base layers so consumers can wear them even when they are far from the ski resorts.

While the fashion segment focuses on multi-colors and prints, often tone-in-tone, not “loud”, yet fresh and dominant, next season’s more athletic styles feature one to a maximum of four colors in clean, fresh and bright shades. It’s yes to color, from head to toe, including beanie and helmet.

Trends snowboard hardware

The freeriding and backcountry trend remains strong. The product selection provided by manufacturers continues to focus on materials that offer snowboarders the best experience beyond the groomed slopes. Those who do not ride off piste usually shred in park and pipe. Boards are getting lighter without compromising on shock absorption and stability. Snowboards for the 2015/16 season feature more muted looks than in previous years. Black and earth tones on high-quality surfaces dominate. Color-blocking and loud colors are pretty much a thing of the past.

Trends snowboard apparel

Snowboard fashions for 2015/16 are dominated by casual looks with high performance. Fabrics and materials offer optimum features for activities in the cold and snow and are extremely functional. Manufacturers are focusing more and more on eco-friendly materials and production methods. In addition to recycled products, wool has begun to play an important role and has started to find its place even among the outerwear layers. Material combinations and playful details are trending. Different fabrics are combined to do more than just look good. Clever combinations provide the best possible characteristics for snowboard wear.

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