Swiss Intersport: Sales down, profits up

Intersport PSC Holding, the Swiss licensee of the global network of sporting goods retailers, has booked a drastic drop in sales for its financial year 2014-15 ended Sept. 30. In a preliminary note, the company said that the consolidated turnover fell by 18.8 percent compared with the previous year to 161.8 million Swiss francs (€148.9 million).

The management, therefore, called the shareholders to not demand the payment of a dividend at the next annual general meeting to be held on Jan. 28, 2016.

The net profit of the group, was up, however, and reached CHF 1.9 million (€1.75 million) compared with CHF 1.5 million (€1.38 million) in the prior year. The gain derived from exceptional items and ongoing cost cutting.

Intersport Switzerland currently counts 221 affiliated franchisees and buying partners with a retail turnover of CHF 432 million (€397.5 million). That represents a market share of 23 percent in the country.

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