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Tuesday, December 1st 2015

Relaunch of the ISPO.COM website

by Andi Spies

With the relaunch of ISPO.COM the new website becomes an information platform and contact point for all B2B and B2C sports business professionals. The ISPO NEWSBLOG that has been reporting on the latest sports industry news on a daily, weekly and monthly basis will now be part of ISPO.COM. With ISPO.COM sports business professionals that […]

This Chinese can't be a party member. He is playing golf.

Monday, October 26th 2015

China: one people, one party, no golf

by Markus Huber

We welcome the tireless efforts of the Chinese government to fight corruption in the country, in the ruling Communist Party and in the society’s elites. In its latest suggestions, the China’s leaders propose a package of new rules which aim to improve the image of party members who have been increasingly criticized for their dissipated […]


Tuesday, April 14th 2015

Spieth’s Augusta victory is Under Armour’s triumph on the green

by Markus Huber

If it were not about golf, we would call it a lucky strike: Jordan Spieth’s victory at the Golf Masters in Augusta was a major strike for Under Armour, the company that endorsed the 21-year-old just two years ago, extended its deal with the rookie for ten more years in early 2014 and started to market golf […]


Monday, January 5th 2015

Nike receives patent for recycable golf balls

by Markus Huber

Nike has been granted a U.S. patent for recyclable golf balls. The company applied for the patent back in 2012 when it identified the problem that players often dump balls when the cover is scratched although the core is still intact. The innovation, now protected by patent n°8,905,861, allows the cover to be peeled off, while the core can […]

GOLFINO Store Milano Inside 1 Stefan Effner Quer im Download hier Ausschnitt

Monday, December 22nd 2014

Golfino – significantly improved handicap in 2013-14

by Markus Huber

Golfino, Europe’s leading specialty brand of golfwear, saw its sales improve by 9 percent to €36.1 million in its 2013-14 financial year, which ended on Sept. 30. Profits also rose to €2.4 million. In the previous year, Golfino made its first losses due to an unfortunate combination of factors such as bad weather, the difficult situation in southern […]


Wednesday, August 6th 2014

Michael Phelps dives in with Aqua Sphere

by Markus Huber

Aqua Sphere, the specialty brand of swimming equipment, has signed a strategic deal with U.S. champion Michael Phelps and legendary coach Bob Bowman. The new partners intend to set up an alliance on many levels. Together, they will develop an entirely new range of swimming equipment, will launch a wide range of initiatives for enhanced water safety […]


Wednesday, June 11th 2014

Bauer seeks fresh money at NYSE

by Markus Huber

Bauer Performance Sports, the Canadian marketer of teamsports gear, is well on the way to a public offering at the New York Stock Exchange. The group which is publicly traded in Toronto, Canada, aims to raise US$110 million through the new move at Wall Street. Bauer has submitted the necessary files with both the SEC in New York City […]


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