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  • Suffers from poor Christmas season across Europe: Metro Group

    Monday, October 19th 2015

    Metro cashes more than expected from Kaufhof deal

    by Markus Huber

    Publishing its preliminary figures for fiscal 2014-15 ended Sept. 30, the management of Metro Group said that it netted €1.75 billion from the divestment in Galeria Kaufhof. That was more than originally expected. Altogether, the department chain’s new owner, Hudson’s Bay of Canada, which officially took Kaufhof over effective Oct. 1, paid some €2.8 billion, […]

  • Wednesday, August 5th 2015

    The Haniels hand over power to a next generation at Metro

    by Markus Huber

    Apparently, the Haniel family, which has controlled the huge cash & carry group and owner of Galeria Kaufhof and Sportarena in Germany and Belgium, is changing its strategy. Franz Markus Haniel will not run for a renewal of his contract as chief of the supervisory board. It was said that an “independent” candidate should oversee […]

  • kaufhof_inno_aus_brussel_01_320

    Monday, June 15th 2015

    Kaufhof: Metro opts for the Canadian solution

    by Markus Huber

    Galeria Kaufhof is to finally change hands. Metro is selling the department store chain for the equivalent of €2.8 billion to Canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay Co. The agreement includes Kaufhof’s headquarters in Cologne, 103 Galeria Kaufhof stores in Germany, 16 Galeria Inno doors in Belgium as well as 16 Sportarena specialty stores. By opting for […]

  • Tuesday, June 2nd 2015

    Hudson’s Bay enters the race for Kaufhof

    by Markus Huber

    According to an unconfirmed Reuters report, Hudson’s Bay, the Canadian chain of 90 department stores and owner of U.S. retailer Fifth Avenue, has entered the bidding for Kaufhof, the large German department store and sporting goods chain. Rumors that Hudson’s Bay may be interested in the retailer, which Metro has put on the block, have […]

  • Wednesday, May 20th 2015

    Media report: Karstadt owner is serious about Kaufhof

    by Markus Huber

    It’s no new story that Benko Retail, the operator of Karstadt department stores in Germany, is eager to acquire its competitor Galeria Kaufhof. Since 2011, the Austrian Benko group has been interested in buying Kaufhof from its parent company Metro. The retail and cash and carry giant has refused, while letting it be known that it […]

  • gk_aussen_alex_04_320

    Wednesday, April 29th 2015

    Reuters: Canadian retailer may acquire Kaufhof

    by Markus Huber

    Reuters has heard that Hudson’s Bay, the large Canadian operator of department stores, may be interested in buying Galeria Kaufhof, the subsidiary of Metro which runs some 127 department stores and 13 specialty sports shops in Germany and Belgium. It was said, however, that talks are still at an early stage. The possible Kaufhof sale […]

  • Tuesday, February 10th 2015

    Kaufhof’s parent company suffers from Russian downturn

    by Markus Huber

    Another company which is struggling with a Russia-induced headache is Metro, one of the largest retailers in the world and the parent company of the Kaufhof and Sportarena stores in Germany and Belgium. It did not have a good first quarter (ending Sept. 30th) with operating profits (Ebit) slipping by 4.5 percent to slightly more […]

  • Tuesday, February 11th 2014

    Kaufhof improves comp-store sales in first quarter

    by Markus Huber

    Galeria Kaufhof, the big German department store chain, hit sales of €1.0 billion for the first quarter of the 2013-14 financial year. Sales were pretty much on a par with the same period last year, with a slight increase of 0.6 percent, but on a like-for-like basis where retail space is concerned, revenues were up […]

  • Tuesday, January 14th 2014

    Metro suffers from poor Christmas sales

    by Markus Huber

    Metro, the big German retailer and cash & carry trader, reports projected sales of €18.7 billion for the first quarter of 2013-14 ended on Dec. 31. The owner of Kaufhof, the big department store chain in Germany and Belgium, suffered from poor sales during the holiday season, the relatively strong euro currency and various divestments. […]

  • Thursday, October 17th 2013

    Kaufhof remains flat in financial 2013

    by Markus Huber

    This morning, Metro Group presented its figures for the financial year 2013, which are subject to a change in the retailer’s reporting system. The year had only nine months and ended Sept. 30. In this short fiscal year, Metro reached total sales of €46.3 billion, down by 2.2 percent compared with the first nine months […]