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    Monday, October 12th 2015

    U.S. authorities to blacklist Taobao for trade in fakes

    by Markus Huber

    The U.S. government is considering putting Taobao, the big e-commerce platform operated by China’s Alibaba group, on its list of “Notorious Markets” for its continued offering of products which are in conflict with intellectual property rights. This comes after the American Apparel and Footwear Association issued a complaint against Taobao for not removing fake products […]

  • No worries, this is the original Apple Watch. Cheaper knock-offs, however, are already available before the official release of the authentic product.

    Thursday, March 12th 2015

    Apple Watch too pricey? – Questionable solutions at Taobao

    by Markus Huber

    Apple presented its own smart watch, the Apple Watch, earlier this week. Apparently it will not be available in China before April 24. China’s smartshoppers, though can count on Alibaba’s selling platform Taobao, where copies are already on sale. The scary thing is not just the ridiculous price of 250 yuan renminbi (€37.87) compared with the recommended retail price of […]

  • Friday, February 13th 2015

    Taobao provokes with gay-friendly campaign

    by Markus Huber

    Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of eBay, has no qualms about advertising with homosexuality in China, a place where the government keeps this issue as low profile as possible. The online marketplace run by Alibaba understands its powerful economic position and is not worried about domestic sensitivities as far as the authorities are concerned. Werben & Verkaufen, a German […]

  • Friday, November 28th 2014

    Alibaba switches TV on to boost its sales

    by Markus Huber

    Reportedly, Alibaba, the big Chinese e-commerce behemoth, is targeting television as its next step to enhance sales in the country. The large online retailer has sealed an alliance with Haier, the major manufacturer of domestic appliances to launch a collection of Internet-TV sets. The partners are about to offer three devices in different sizes, which will provide Chinese TV shoppers direct access […]

  • Alibaba's founder Jack Ma wants to open Taobao to the international crowd of shoppers. (C) Alibabagroup

    Friday, November 21st 2014

    Alibaba takes Taobao international

    by Markus Huber

    Jack Ma, co-founder and CEO of Alibaba, China’s Wall Street-listed e-commerce behemoth, is planning to take its flagship international. Taobao is  – more or less  – the Chinese version of eBay. During a meeting of the country’s political and economic leaders, its founder said that it’s time to take the online market place outside China. Ma has a couple […]

  • Thursday, May 8th 2014

    China’s retail giant Alibaba to hit Wall Street


    Alibaba, China’s e-commerce behemoth, has filed the required paperwork for an initial public offering with the SEC in New York. At this point, is not yet clear when the company is set to hit the stock market and at what scale. There are speculations that the group may want to float shares worth about $20 billion. This […]

  • Monday, November 25th 2013

    Camel reports sales record at Chinese Taobao shopping festival

    by Markus Huber

    Camel, the big Chinese brand of outdoor-inspired apparel (unrelated to the U.S. tobacco brand), reported another sales record during the shopping festival traditionally organized by the retail platform on Nov. 11. Total sales of all participating companies at Taobao that day were up by 83 percent compared with the previous year and reached 15.9 […]